Tribes of Bastar find a vent in cockfighting


Mired in conflict for decades, Tribes of Chhattisgarh find a vent in cockfighting, which is also connected to rural economy of these areas. Hundreds can be seen gathered around a fighting pit in the weekly markets of small towns betting money on their favourite roosterIMG_4130.jpg

Two roosters are let out at each other as hundreds watch restlessly, the fighting unto death.


Most have bet their money on the birds who are exclusively raised for the sports.




roosters, with sharpened knives tied to their feet, wage valorous battles to the death.


Everyone is mad about this sport.


A street sport takes the form of spectacle providing entertainment even to people who do not want to make a bet.


The gamble has to take place quickly among betting individuals as one fight lasts for approximately 10 minutes.


While the fight goes on, locals can be seen selling Mahua and selphi (local brews) to the spectators on the side.


The rooster has the same fate of a gladiator- both have only two options, victory or death. Here, a rooster breathes his last as he succumbs to injuries from the fight.

All Images Copyright ©Vijay Pandey

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