A space to socialise and dream together for migrant workers.



Unlike palaces which are imagined to be richly decorated, Satyam Palace in Mamurra Village in Noida, is an antonym to its name. An old and dilapidated building, painted in fading brick colour, the hall quenches the thirst for among slum dwellers. Hailing from Bihar and UP, these people who are primarily migrant workers find in the hall, a space to socialise and dream together. Running daily shows at Rs 15, the hall, owing to its regulars, have also been screening a Bhojpuri film once a day.



Priced at Rs.15, the movie tickets are affordable to the slum-dwellers who are migrant labourers3

A poster of Sanjay Dutt starrer Kurukshetra is being put up on the wall before the daily show6img_9079

Migrant workers watching Bollywood movie “Shatranj” which was released in 1993 and Starrer by then Superstar Mithun Chakraborty, in the slum movie theater in the outskirts of Delhi, India.
It is the cheapest way of entertainment for the poor’s in the multiplex cinema culture of Metro cities.

All Images Copyright© Vijay pandey

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